Inbound Call Scheduler, Customer Relations, & Community Manager

Bilingual Requirement - Marketing Agency

We are looking for Bi-Lingual Individuals that are confident and well spoken over the phone while also having experience behind a computer including typing and google product suite such as Calendar, Drive, and Mail.

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Bi-Lingual Appointment Scheduler

Lead Appointment Scheduler that works from main office of Pacific Surge Tijuana near Colonia Cacho.

You can call us to schedule an interview for this position so long as you meet the minimum requirements which we list below  6649800901


Pacific Surge Tijuana is a Results Based Company that pays you a fixed amount listed in the contract based on the negotiated rate of service we agree to.  The end result is you’ll never be wondering why you are being paid the same as your coworker if you are doing 2x the amount of work they are doing. In theory, you should be getting 2x as much, and that is what we strive to do. This system fairly rewards top performers and fairly pays the low perfomers. The end result is the top performers make mroe money and stay at our ocmpany longer and the low performers try to find another company where they can get paid the same as their coworkers.  Why do we like this? It leaves us with a team of talented individuals and naturally our business becomes stronger and pays it’s people better.




Fluent in Spanish and English level 70% or better with fluency being ideal. Good chance the interview will be conducted in English Language.

Schedule Consistency

Pick a schedule and keep it. There will not be much opportunity, especially in the first 3 months to make changes to the schedule you choose. Since over 30 people depend on your presence absence and tardiness will create a problem and the position will not be for you.  As of now the phone lines are live from 8:45AM to 10:15PM in the night. Logically, we split this time into two shifts AM and PM. AM is typically 8:45AM – 5pm and PM is 2pm -10:15PM. Double shifts are available and would e 8:45PM -10:15PM. The first positions will be filled with people who are able to dedicate at least 5 days for either AM or PM or 4 day double shift. If you are wanting to work on the weekends, we will consider a Saturday and Sunday Double Shift pOsition.

Persons who are confident on the phone and have a natural ability to resolve issues, increase sales, and follow our protocol for completing the daily items.


Llámanos para agendar una entrevista para puesto estilistas y contratación inmediata.  6649800901


Steps to begin the interview and start working!

Paso 1

Fill out the application. We’ll typically be in contact within 48 hours

Paso 2

Schedule an interview and if necessary, you can ask a few questions over the phone or in writing. Some questions are not possible to answer without meeting you first since we need ot have a better understanding of your capabilities and skills. It’s in both of our interests to have meeting and go over the details. If you feel like you are going to be wasting your time coming to the office and don’t feel like coming, we completely understand the feeling as sometimes we feel the same! In that case, it’s best tos hare with us your concerns, and we’ll tell you whether they are valid or not so in that way, we have a efficient dialog versus you not showing up based on an assumption that can be right or wrong.

Paso 3

Meet Face to Face. Go over the specific daily, weekly duties. Cover any additional skills you might bring to the table. Extend to you our standard offer with potential additional perks. If accepted, we can solidfy a schedule, do a contract and pick a start date.

Additional Perks

  • We are a large group of companies and have many daily and weekly tasks that need to be completed. There might be times where your primary responsibilities have been fufilled and you have some short gaps of time in the day. We can evaluate your skills and give you additional responsibilities and tasks to fill up your day, and each task or responsibility has a monetary value assigned to it when completed.

Ventajas del cargo

AM, PM and Double Shift Available

We are looking for individuals who dedicate at least 40 hours weekly and cover 5 shifts. We will consider peopel who are interested in double shift with a minimum 4 day a week appearance in office. We will consider a weekend position: Saturday and Sunday Double Shift in case you are the person who can only dedicate weekends.

Performance, Competitive Compensation

Pay is customized with the results you will provide us. All is negotiated prior and stated in the contract so you know exactly what and how much you will e earning.

Exelent Location, comfortable, safe atmosphere.

Beautiful, Safe, Large office near Colonia Cacho. We strive to have a relaxed work atmosphere as sometimes the work can become busy so we prioritize comfort over appearance at the moment.

Opportunities to grow and learn.

Your supervisor has been doing the job sucesfully for many years and can provide great insight. You’ll have direct contact with founder of whole organization. Your ability to grow is limitless and dependent on your drive to suceed and grow your knowledge

Generate Additional monies with additional Jobs when you become efficient at your core responsibilities.


Stability and Support

We need people consistent, stable and who can provide support to the whole organization with their core responsibilities. If you can do this well, we strive to recipricate the gesture and ensure we are giving you stability, support for your career, family and goals.

Interesado/a? ¡Habla con un reclutador para programar una entrevista!

Dos formas de conseguir una entrevista:

  1. ¡Llámanos! ¡Llama más de una vez si no logras comunicarte la primera vez!
  2. Segundo: Completa la solicitud en línea y te llamaremos para coordinar un buen momento y responder cualquier pregunta que puedas tener.

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